How to Install PS3 CFW 4.82 on OFW 4.82

How to Install PS3 CFW 4.82 Guide

Content Constantly Being Updated to Bring you Latest How to CFW 4.82 on OFW 4.82

Below you could find information regarding on How to Install PS3 CFW running OFW 4.82 . You have a few places online that have guide created by the developers as well some users online who decided to create a tutorial on how to go about install PS3 CFW 4.82 on your PlayStation 3 System . Please pay carefully attention to details and do not skip any steps in the guides as this will possible cause your PlayStation 3 system to  brick become unusable .


GBAtemp user DuoForce has created an awesome well detail information  Noob-proof guide on how to get PS3 CFW on OFW 4.82 which is pretty straight forward. Here a few info one should note according to the DuoForce “To start things out, you must have a PS3 Console that has a minimum firmware of at most 3.56. If not, then you cannot downgrade your console.”

PSX Place

PSX-Place user STLcardsWS has created a guide that will show users how to go about an “Even easier to install CFW on 4.82 OFW” according to the delopver, this updated guide its well detail a homebrew users or wannabe should not have any problem following the messenger guide. Feel free to visit the users link below to access the instruction on how to install PS3 Custom Firmware 4.82 into your PlayStation 3 System . A note from the creator of this guide “I will start this off with NO you can not jailbreak your PS3 SuperSlim Console” with that being said and you have a Fat Phat PS3 system , then go and visit the guide, Slim users, check back later .

Tons of how to install PS3 CFW 4.82 videos available for free below. all videos here are hosted on youtube and PSP Custom Firmware does not owned or host any of this videos you are about to see . how to install PS3 CFW 4.82 videos are all free for viewing . by heading over here or viewing a few videos below.